You can buy chimney and fireplace accessories that can add to the enjoyment of your fire burning experience. When you add a fireplace screen, this helps protect your hearth from sparks that may float out from your fire and add to the aesthetic of your fireplace. A toolset is very handy while you’re burning fire, and a log rack is also handy to hold firewood beside the fireplace.

A grate is useful to hold your burning logs secure in the firebox so they don’t roll out to cause a fire. Some accessories are very important to purchase like a fire extinguisher to protect your family and home. However. another important part of your chimney’s anatomy is the chimney liner. It is just as important to have a quality one in place to protect your home and family. At SirVent Chimney and Venting Service, we sell and install quality liners to keep you safe!

What is a Chimney Liner?

masonry chimneyA chimney is an incredibly sturdy structure. It is made of brick and mortar and designed to carry smoke from a fire up and out of your home. Smoke is composed of moisture that has burned out of the burning wood. It also releases chemicals such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, aldehydes, and acids.

In addition, these chemicals eat away at the interior of your chimney, which causes cracks, crevices, and ultimately structural instability of your chimney. These chemicals and precipitation could be both getting into your home, which is why a chimney liner is so important.

History of Chimney Liners

In the early years, chimneys were built without the addition of liners. However, over time, researchers began to understand the devastating effects that the chemicals in smoke are having on chimneys. In fact, in the mid-1900s, many states began to recommend the addition of chimney liners to chimneys. Several states even requiring a chimney liner to bring homes up to code. The three main purposes to have a chimney liner are the following:

  1. Make sure that the brick and mortar of the actual chimney are free from the corrosive effects of the chemicals in smoke
  2. Protect the flammable parts on the interior of your home, which are in close proximity to your chimney from catching on fire due to heat transfer
  3. Ensure efficiency of your heating appliances by supplying a correctly sized flue

Who Should You Call?

If you’re worried that your chimney liner isn’t in a good state of repair, give SirVent Chimney and Venting Service a call today. We can set up an inspection and cleaning. During that process, we’ll check out the condition of your chimney liner too. If it looks like your chimney needs a replacement, we can take care of that job, too.

Our highly trained, CSIA certified experts will make sure to do the job right so that you can know your family is safe and your fireplace is running as its utmost efficiency. Call the professionals at SirVent Chimney and Venting Service at 844-338-9223 today!