When it comes to chimney parts, sometimes things can get confusing. There are so many parts that fulfill necessary jobs to make sure that you have a safe and efficient fire. It’s very important that you understand what each of these parts do. Additionally, how each part works, so that you recognize problems and can call in the experts to take care of them. One of these parts is the chimney cap.

Understanding Your Chimney Cap Image - Washington DC - SirVent Chimney & Venting ServiceTwo Main Purposes of a Chimney Cap

There are two main purposes that your chimney cap serves. The first is to help prevent a house fire. When you light a fire, sparks are inevitable. These sparks fly up your chimney and out into the air. If they land on your roof, this could be disastrous! Also, if it’s been a dry fall and the sparks hit the lawn, you could have a yard fire. This could spread and prove devastating to the neighborhood. Your chimney serves the purpose of keeping those sparks contained.

Besides keeping sparks in, a chimney cap will also keep things out of your chimney. During the spring and early summer, birds and other animals will be looking for a warm, safe place to build a nest. Consequently, for these animals, your chimney is the perfect spot. It’s warm, protected from the elements, and protected from other predators. Chimney caps keep these creatures from getting into your house, or from building a nest and raising their young in your chimney. In addition, sometimes animals and birds can get stuck in your chimney and die. This causes odors and is another good reason to keep them out using your chimney cap!

Not only can critters get in your chimney, other things can blow in and cause obstructions. Dry leaves, twigs, paper, and other lightweight garbage can blow around and into your chimney. This can cause obstructions. When nests or garbage get into your chimney, these obstructions can catch sparks from your fire and cause a chimney fire.

Know Your Chimney Cap

Just as there are many different types of roofs, there are many different types of chimney caps. So, there’s definitely one to fit your roof type. The National Fire Protection Association observes that there are standard chimney caps which can fit over different shaped chimney types. These include square, round, rectangular, or oval caps. For a flat roof, you might want a draft increasing chimney cap to help your fire burn better. You can even get draft master caps, which use wind to increase the performance of your chimney flue. Needles to say, you can find just the right type of chimney cap to fit your chimney needs.

SirVent Chimney and Venting Service

When you are looking for a new chimney cap, make sure you get the right one. Call SirVent Chimney and Venting Service to get their expert advice and find the chimney cap you’ve been looking for. We will work with you to make sure you are completely satisfied with our service and your new chimney cap!