There are times that you just want to make some changes. Maybe it’s a new vehicle to replace the one you’ve had for years, or maybe there’s a room that needs a major redecoration job. If you have a fireplace, you should focus your attention on the chimney. If it’s lold or deteriorating than you may need restoration services. When it’s time to make a commitment to having your chimney restored, then it’s time to give SirVent Chimney and Venting Service a call.

Repairs, Restoration, or RebuildsClose up of hand fixing masonry walls

When we look at your fireplace, the first thing we’ll need to do is determine how much work is needed. If you’ve been using your fireplace a lot and have been diligent about having it maintained, it may only need minor work. Unfortunately, the chimney’s structure still may be work down, even with regular cleanings.

Common Problems and Repair Work

One common problem that can cause chimney repairs is creosote buildup. Over time, the chemicals in creosote will eat away at the surface, especially with weaker mortar. As time passes, this can cause chips and cracks. These allow gases to seep back into your home rather instead of through the chimney. If we find this type of damage and catch it in the early stages, we should be able to make it a relatively simple repair job called tuckpointing. This involves removing the weakened mortar and replacing it with new mortar. We have the proper tools and the experience to do this job right!

Another area that might need repair work is that your chimney crown has cracks or is wearing down. The chimney crown is specially designed to keep water away from the base of your chimney. It’s constructed at the top of the chimney and is made of a special concrete mix. It overhangs the chimney structure by a couple of inches so that precipitation hits away from the base of the chimney and further down the roof. This directs it down the slope and into the rain gutters. If your chimney crown is cracked or chipped, that precipitation might be directed back into your home, and that can cause rain damage. If this goes on for too long, you could be looking at major repairs or even a rebuild. This is another area where we can help out.

Call the Experts

If you’re looking for repair work, restoration, or a chimney rebuild, call are the experts at SirVent Chimney and Venting Service. When we come in, we know just what to look for. We can cover you for rebuilds, repairs or restorations. Give us a call today!