Even though it’s only January, many people start to think about spring cleaning this time of year. Over the holiday months, it’s easy to let things slide in the rush of getting your shopping done, presents wrapped, sweets made, and letters written, and it might be that your cupboards started to get a bit cluttered and things got misplaced until after the start of the new year. One place you certainly don’t want to overlook in the cleaning process is your fireplace. Even if it’s not time for your annual inspection and cleaning, there are some things you can do to make sure that your fireplace stays in good condition until that time comes.

Firebox Cleaning and Ash RemovalDIY uses for ash and how to safely remove them

It’s important that you make sure your firebox is cleaned every couple burnings. First, wait until you haven’t used your fireplace in several days to ensure that the embers are completely cooled down, then start by controlling the flyaway ashes. A good way to hold these down is by sprinkling used coffee grounds over them. Scoop out as many ashes as you can and put them in a metal can or old ceramic flower pot, then take them out of the house so there’s no danger of spilling them on the carpet. After the ashes are cleaned out, just use warm water and vinegar to clean out the soot or any film off the glass fireplace doors. A handy way to use those ashes is to clean off the glass with them! Just dip a damp sponge in the ashes and scrub away at the residue. Clean soot stains off the fireplace itself by dusting the bricks with a brush, being careful to not scrub hard enough that the bricks crumble, especially if you have an older fireplace.

Use of Ashes

There are other uses for those ashes besides cleaning the fireplace’s glass doors. For one thing, the ashes can help your garden grow! You can use it to keep snails and slugs out of your garden just by spreading them over your garden bed. For gorgeous tomatoes, put around a quarter cup of ashes in the hole before planting the tomatoes. Many people know that compost is a great way to add nutrients to your soil, but did you know that adding a few ashes in to the compost can give it even more nutrients? Just be careful not to add too many, as too much can ruin the compost instead.

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