Create The Look You’ve Always Wanted With A Fireplace Facelift!

Beginning in 1980, factory-built fireplaces skyrocketed in popularity, which is why, if your fireplace was installed around or after that time, there’s a good chance it’s a factory-built unit. Although these units can provide years of service and enjoyment, they will eventually begin to wear and break down, requiring the replacement of parts or the entire unit.

Many homeowners choose to give their fireplaces facelifts when replacing factory-built appliances. For many, this is an opportunity to update the look of the hearth and breathe fresh life into the room. For others, a fireplace facelift is required because portions of the facing come off when the old appliance is taken out. Regardless, replacing a factory-built unit can be the perfect opportunity to refresh your fireplace and get the look you’ve always wanted.

Choose Your Materials, Colors, & Patterns To Give Your Fireplace A Custom Look

Here at SirVent, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with beautiful and long-lasting craftsmanship. We work hard to exceed customer expectations and bring fireplace visions to life. Are you considering a fireplace facelift? Let us help! Here are some of the material options you can choose from:

  • Tile – Dreaming of a bold color, a variance in texture, or a custom pattern and design? Consider tile! With tile, we’re able to truly customize your fireplace facing for the most unique finish. The options with tile are virtually limitless!
  • Stone (Natural & Cultured) – Whether you have the budget and weight capacity for natural stone or you need something more lightweight and affordable, like cultured stone, there are great options out there! Enjoy almost limitless colors and placement patterns for a beautiful finish that lasts.
  • Cast Concrete – Cast concrete is an affordable and long-lasting option that offers unique colors and textures. But when considering cast concrete, remember that it is a heavier option, which requires footing that’s able to hold it.
  • Brick – Brick has traditionally been used for fireplace facing, but that doesn’t mean a brick facelift has to look traditional. Use color choice and placement creativity to create whatever look you want with this durable and beautiful option. But remember, as with cast concrete, weight is a consideration.
  • Metal – Metal fireplace fronting is a great option for a room that has a more modern look. With metal, you can make your fireplace as simple or as bold as you want.

Schedule Your Fireplace Facelift Today!

If you’re considering a fireplace facelift and would like to discuss your vision and budget with one of our fireplace facelift experts, give us a call at 844-338-9223 or fill out our online appointment request form! We can answer any questions you may have and make recommendations based on your budget and time frame. Call or click to get started!

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