HeatShield® Can Solve Your Clay Tile Liner Problems

Is your old clay chimney liner cracked? Did you know these cracks can open a path for smoke, hot ash, carbon monoxide, and even fire to enter walls, ceilings, and attic areas near your chimney? It’s true! But it can be hard to tell if your chimney liner is damaged – after all, it’s mostly hidden from view. That’s why inspections are crucial. During an annual chimney inspection, we’ll use a camera to see your flue up close and identify any areas of damage.

What Does HeatShield® Do & How Can It Help?

Although hidden from view, your chimney liner is crucial to the safe and effective venting of your fireplace. But what are your options when your liner is damaged? For years, when damage occurred within the liner, the only option was to have it replaced with a metal liner. But that’s no longer the case. Today, we’re able to offer our customers another solution – HeatShield®.

HeatShield® is a cerfractory system that is applied to cracks and holes, sealing them, and leaving a fresh, airtight flue surface. Once it’s professionally applied, the chimney will be ready to properly and efficiently vent the fireplace once more.

Thanks to HeatShield® and our expert chimney inspections, hidden dangers don’t have to remain hidden or dangerous. HeatShield® can help with:

  • Damaged mortar joints
  • Cracks in the liner
  • Spalling (flaking or crumbling) clay tiles
  • Holes in the joints between tiles

All of the above issues can reduce the safety of your chimney system, and prevent it from effectively doing its job, which is to vent the high heat and dangerous byproducts of combustion. Additionally, a damaged flue liner will reduce the efficiency and draft of the chimney, which can slow down the exit of smoke and gas, resulting in more creosote buildup along the flue walls.

Do You Have Liner Damage?

First things first: schedule an inspection with a SirVent professional! Your liner may be in great condition. As long as you’ve kept up with proper maintenance and kept moisture, animals, and birds out of your chimney with a well-built crown and quality chimney cap, there’s a good chance your liner is fine. If it isn’t, we may be able to restore it fast and effectively with HeatShield®.

If your liner is damaged or you think it may be, give SirVent a call at 844-338-9223! We’ll inspect it and offer a solution to your liner problems! Call or fill out our online appointment request form today!

Chimney relining is just one of the many chimney repairs you can depend on our dedicated technicians to perform right the first time.